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Launched in 2012, the Holistic Orchard Network was the brainchild of Michael Phillips, author, fruit grower, father, husband, and all-around good guy. His vision was one of moving the burgeoning holistic fruit growing movement into a new realm, accessible to anyone with a similar mindset and passion for growing healthy fruit. Though we lost Michael on February 27 2022, we didn’t lose his passion for holistic apple growing, or the hours of tireless work he committed to moving this vision forward – that lives on. And it lives on in the thousands of threads on the Forum, the ‘Secret Tattoo’ resources, and throughout the Holistic Orchard Network community subscribers – YOU! His wife Nancy and daughter Grace gifted the network to us to be carried forward in his honor and for the spirit of holistic apple growers everywhere. But this website is not just a look back, but a vision for the future of how we can grow fruit holistically and compassionately for the world. Welcome to the new Holistic Apple Network!

The Holistic Orchard Network’s mission is to help home and community orchardists grow healthier fruit. We’re all about being stewards of fruit trees helping each other understand and improve their produce. A shared network of integrative approaches to fruit growing that emphasize orchard ecosystem health that in turn makes for healthy trees - and thus healthy apples and healthy people. The vision of many biologically-rich orchards providing wholesome and flavorful fruit to families and neighbors is part of a much larger bioregional food and farming movement. This is YOUR network!

The bond between fruit growers is unmistakable. We speak the same language. We share in the sacrament of this one holy earth. We want to grow the healthiest fruit possible. We want to see each other succeed. Connecting community orchardists with fruit lovers is at the very top of this network's priorities. The snap of a good apple, the juiciness of a divine peach, luscious berries by the handful – all grown with holistic care! – depend on this grower family being here, there, and everywhere.

A diverse plant community bound by an array of mycorrhizal fungal species will form a 'common root being' throughout the orchard. The trees produce healthy fruit in accord with how we revere this sacred soil partnership. Our success as orchardists begins with heeding the teachings of the natural world. You've stumbled onto something grand in your search for organic apples and more. This website is where holistic orchardists come together to explore thoughtful ways to grow the good fruit.

Enjoy Shipmates Enjoy!
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