boron as insect control

  • April 18, 2024 at 4:03 pm #1909
    Dan Lefever

    I seem to be exhibiting good PC and chestnut weevil control via foliar boron applications. Will have a better idea of this response after the current season. I have access to a small chestnut planting that is slammed with chestnut weevil (a curculio species), if my boron applications appear to be having a major effect, I will report back. Currently been using a ReBound boron (fulvic and biologically linked product from on six trees in another planting and weevil appears to be much reduced. Boron can be soil applied as a granular as well and be just about as effective. If you get to the point of signs of toxicity just apply a foliar Ca to negate the B toxicity effect, or apply the foliar with any soluble Ca spray material to preclude any toxicity issues and help to motivate Ca movement in the plant, (Ca is the slowest mineral to move in plants). Boron is being constantly washed down thru the soil profile so most all soils in Eastern USA are B deficient

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