2024 Berkshire Roundtable

READ CAREFULLY: Changes have been made to the registration process:


Tuesday-Thursday, March 5, 6, & 7, 2024


Registrations and payments will be handled preferably through the newly launched web site and payment portals. You can still send in registrations and payment via the USPS, but in all cases it is first come, first served, as always. Register online (or send a check made out to the “Holistic Orchard Network”) to reserve your spot at the 2024 Berkshire Apple Roundtable.

Please Note: Farms and Organizations are limited to two (2) registrants - the principal farmer/owner +1 with exceptions made on a contingency basis. Sorry, the registration forms only allow registering one person at a time.

Registration includes a nominal amount to cover organizational costs. We recommend checking in with mike@groworganicapples.org that space is still available if registering after January 31. We’ll send logistical details, agenda, and directions to paid registrants by late February.

T-Shirts!! For the first time, Holistic Orchard Network will have T-shirts for sale. You can pre-order yours when you register. T-shirts will feature the new HON logo on a limited variety of colors (white, black, and goldenrod) and sizes (S, M, L, XL). Please indicate your color and size preference when you register. I’ll bring the T-shirts with me to the meeting. $25 each

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